Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and Manchester United is the world’s most valuable sports team in the world. Usually this translates to a lot of money being made by the teams, and that money usually trickles down to the players. Seeing as soccer fans pack stadiums like no other, and televised games draw massive audiences, do soccer players actually have a chance of getting rich?

One way to determine how much a player is paid depends on his skill level and what league he plays in. Players in MLS, the American top soccer league, make maybe 20,000-30,000 dollars a year to play if they are playing in a larger market. Last season, the New York Red Bulls team salary was just over 446,000 dollars. Ronaldo himself will be making over 10 million this season. Most players in top leagues like La Liga, or Serie A in Italy command almost 2 million a year on average.

On average, a soccer player makes about 300,000 dollars a year. This seems like a nice salary, but compared to other sports, it is a fraction of that money. The average salary in Major League Baseball is around 3 million dollars a season, just over 1 million dollars in the NFL and around 2 million dollars in the NHL.

Clearly, the money from playing soccer is to be made in Brazil or in Europe. The reason is that the soccer teams in the rest of the world just don’t make enough money to support paying too much in salary. Players don’t want to play in countries like the US because the competition isn’t good enough, and fans don’t want to pay enormous prices for tickets because the players aren’t as good and most Americans spend their money on American football.

Teams like England’s Manchester United are the New York Yankees of soccer. They will spend as much as they need to win. Lately, Manchester City has come in and started to play the role of the Red Sox spending almost as much to be the underdog that is tormented no longer. Manchester United just recently offered midfielder Wesly Sneijder 140,000 dollars a week along with a 35 million dollar fee to acquire him.

Endorsements also come into play as factors that influence a soccer player’s total salary. While David Beckham might be living comfortably on his 6.5 million dollar a year salary, he makes even more millions doing movies and other product endorsements. Players from Europe and Brazil also get commercial and apparel deals from companies like Nike.

Soccer players have a wide range of salaries depending on where they play and who they are. A top player can easily demand 10 million or more a year with teams also willing to pay as much as 50 million dollars just to acquire these top players. Can a soccer player dream of getting rich? Of course he can, as long as he isn’t playing in Houston or Chicago instead of England or Spain.


Creating a website for your soccer club is wise if you are interested in taking your organization to the next level. Recent statistics reveal that soccer clubs have more success if they have a strong online presence. This is the primary reason why you should create a site for your club. Let’s take a look at a few tips on creating a website for your soccer club.


Credibility is a key issue when it comes to soccer clubs. Unfortunately, some clubs in the past have failed to live up to the expectations of its members. This is the main reason why many soccer fans and players are hesitant about joining soccer clubs. They are under the impression that soccer clubs will not live up to their promises. A website can give your club more credibility. Soccer followers and players will be more inclined to join your club if you have a website.


It is important for you to give members a chance to interact with each other. Member interaction will increase the popularity of your club. Members will tell other soccer enthusiasts about your club. This can increase the club’s membership significantly.

A site will give your members a chance to communicate with each other daily. They will get a chance to share ideas, opinions, advice, and game statistics. This type of activity will make your club exciting and interesting. An exciting and interesting club has the capability of keeping its members for many years.

Convey a Positive Message

Your soccer club’s website should convey a positive message. Sites with negative messages are known to fail in securing members. Prospects are not interested in joining a soccer club that fails to deliver a positive message with their site. It is vital that your club’s site delivers a positive and strong message about this wonderful game.

Site Updates

Your club’s site should be updated at least once or twice each week. You should provide new and interesting information for your members. Your members will always anticipate fresh content. Your members will always expect to see new interviews with professional players, new tutorials, and accurate answers to frequently asked questions on your club’s website.

Hiring an Experienced Webmaster

There are thousands of webmasters in existence today. Some webmasters are more talented than others. You should hire an experienced webmaster if you are not capable of constructing a site for your club. You can find webmasters at many freelance forums.

A freelance forum gives service providers and customers an opportunity to connect for business. You can preview the credentials of many webmasters before making your selection. This will give you chance to avoid making the mistake of hiring an inexperienced webmaster who will not be capable of creating an exceptional site for your club.

Soccer Website Template

Your club’s site should have an impressive template. You should always use a soccer web templates for your club’s website. You can purchase a soccer template or you can hire an experienced webmaster to create a custom soccer template. The template should be clean and simple. Templates with too many features are known to discourage people from joining soccer clubs.

Creating a website for your soccer club is vital if you are trying to increase your club’s membership. Recent statistics show that soccer clubs have more success once they establish a strong online presence. Your club’s membership will grow significantly once your soccer club’s website is launched online.


There are many benefits that make playing team sports like soccer good for children. Unfortunately buying the necessary equipment can make the cost prohibitive for some families. Shopping smart using sales and coupons, and considering gently used equipment can make buying soccer gear more affordable. Here are some tips to help you get the best deal on soccer equipment.

Consider used

Some items, like shoes and cleats, are best purchased new. But other items like pads, bags, practice clothing and perhaps a soccer ball for at home practice can sometimes be purchased used. You might find a family trying to sell barely used equipment because their child tried playing soccer and decided it wasn’t the right sport for them. You will get the benefit of almost new equipment at a fraction of the cost. Some places to look for used items like this are eBay and local or internet classifieds.

Take the time to shop sales

Unless your child comes to you a couple of days before soccer practice will begin and lets you know they want to play, you will probably have some time to prepare and purchase equipment for your child before the season begins. As soon as you know your child is going to be playing, start scanning ads for good deals. Compare prices at a few local stores to be sure you are getting the best price possible.

Use coupons

Once you find the store with the best price or sale, search for a coupon to make the price even lower. Start by checking the retailer’s website and social networking page if they have one. If you do not find a coupon this way, search the internet for coupons or coupon codes issued by that retailer and you might get lucky and find one. Using a coupon to get an even bigger discount on top of the lowest price available will maximize your savings.

Consider alternative sources

Consider trying an online auction site like eBay. You can sometimes find new items sold at discounted prices or gently used items being sold at a great price. Make sure to carefully read each listing before bidding; check the seller’s ratings, shipping prices and return policies. Make sure you are getting the best deal on soccer equipment by comparing prices before bidding on eBay and having a reasonable maximum price you would like to pay for the item in mind so you do not get carried away bidding and pay too much.

Similar to retailers, try searching for eBay coupons before shopping. EBay has a section dedicated to daily deals and coupons, so be sure to check this before shopping. Members also regularly get e-mails from eBay alerting them to special offers. You could also try searching for eBay coupons like you would for coupons from other retailers and you might come up with something you can use to get a great price on soccer equipment.

Shop smart

Be sure to talk to your child’s coach before you begin shopping to find out exactly what is needed and what is not needed. Even if you get a great deal on an item, it is still money wasted if the piece of equipment is not required by your child’s coach or if that item is already provided by the team.

Also consider quality when shopping. Just because an item is at a great price does not mean you should buy it. Take some time to get brand recommendations from the coach or experienced parents, and consider reading online reviews to steer you towards higher quality equipment. Higher quality equipment will last longer and save money down the road.

If money is tight but you would like your child to be able to participate in sports; shop smart and be creative in finding the best possible prices on soccer equipment so your child can join in the fun.


Soccer is one of the most popular sports in existence today. Thousands of people around the globe participate in this exciting sport. Soccer leagues and tournaments attract individuals from all walks of life.

Soccer is a very demanding sport that challenges one stamina and cardiovascular system. It is vital that one takes steps to get into tremendous shape if he or she expects to do well in a game. Getting into shape for this dynamic game is not as difficult as some may think. Let’s take a close look at five tips on how to get more fit for soccer.

Weight Training

Weight training has been around athletics for many years. Weight training allows one to build up his or her strength with ease. Many personal trainers and soccer veterans encourage soccer players to get involved in weight training. A solid weight training routine can provide great results within a short period of time.

Unfortunately, many players make the mistake of working out with concrete weights. Concrete weights can provide some results, but they fail in adding pure intensity to workouts. Steel weights are well known for adding intensity to workouts. This is the primary reason why you see steel weights in professional gyms around the world. Professional gym owners understand the importance of athletes working out with steel weights.

You should work out with weights at least three times each week. You should work out every other day. Working out every other day will give your body a chance to recover from intense workouts.


Jogging is very effective in helping you get your cardiovascular system in top shape. Jogging also helps you tone and strengthen your legs. Strong legs will help you get up and down the soccer field with ease. A strong cardiovascular system will help you get your second wind once you become tired or fatigued. Jogging at least one or two miles every day will help you get into world class shape.

Diet and Vitamins

What people often forget is that one of the more important characteristics of becoming fit is to eat properly. A diet that composes of mostly vegetables and fruits is what soccer players typically eat. The next thing to pay attention to is the consumption of supplements and vitamins. For a large variety of vitamin options, you should check out

Wind Sprints

Wind sprints are always great at helping one improve his or her cardiovascular system. Wind sprints are known to get the heart and lungs operating at an optimum level. Wind sprints simulate the short bursts of speed that you will need to get pass defenders on the field.

Wind sprints revolve around running to a certain point at full speed. Elite soccer coaches normally have their players execute fifty yard wind sprints. Elite soccer coaches understand the importance of having their players accustomed to making a fast speed burst during a game. Wind sprints are the ideal exercises for anyone who wants to be faster than their opponent.

Avoid the Defender

This is a solid drill that will teach you how to get away from the opposing team while the ball is within your possession. Avoid the defender revolves around dribbling the ball while three defenders are trying to take the ball away from you. This is a simple drill, but it can help one become an outstanding dribbler. Avoid the defender drill helps all players overcome fatigue that naturally sets in during the game.

Defending the Goal

Defending the goal is one of the most popular exercises used by world class soccer players. You stand in front of net while your teammate attempts to score a goal. You must try to prevent your teammate from scoring. Defending the goal will help improve your reflexes. You will need accurate reflexes if you expect to compete on the top level.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in existence today. How to get more fit for soccer is one of the most discussed topics in the realm of soccer. Using the tips listed above can help you get into exceptional soccer shape within a matter of weeks.


Managing a soccer club is not as challenging as some individuals may believe. It is vital that one takes measures that will secure exposure for his or her soccer club. More exposure will lead to increased popularity and membership. Effective promotional methods must be implemented if you want your club to be successful for many years. Let’s take an intimate look at several tips on how to promote your soccer club.

Advertise At Local Games

Advertising at local games is one of the easiest ways of promoting your soccer club. Promoting your club at several games can help attract interest and attention from hundreds of people. You can introduce your club to soccer fans with promotional products such as beautiful flyers that have a strong message, pens, hats or anything else. You can also use attractive business cards. It is important that you have our business cards created by a professional card shop. Professional card shops are well known for helping businesses, organizations, and clubs have successful marketing campaigns.

Soccer Newsletters

There are many soccer newsletters in existence today. Many soccer newsletter publishers are always looking for advertisers. Advertising in a popular soccer newsletter can yield significant results in a matter of weeks. Many newsletters will allow you to advertise your club at no expense. This is great if you do not have the capital to invest in a marketing campaign.

Thousands of loyal amateur and professional soccer players are well known for subscribing to soccer newsletters. You can gain major exposure if you run several ads in the most popular newsletters around today. You can locate the most popular soccer newsletters by performing an intense web search. You can also use newsletter reference books located at your local public library.

Soccer Clubs

Some soccer clubs are open to working with others. You can introduce your soccer club to members of other soccer clubs with ease. Talking to owners of other soccer clubs will give you a chance to secure new members. You can meet the owners of other soccer clubs simply by attending one of their weekly or monthly meetings.


Promoting your club at schools is also an effective way of getting major exposure. Many high school, junior college, and four year collegiate students are notorious for being interested in joining soccer clubs. Tapping into this source gives you a chance to increase your club’s membership dramatically.

Create a Website

You should create a website for your club. Creating a website for your club gives you a chance to secure the attention of web surfers who love the game. You can create a blog if you do not have the capital to hire a professional website designer. Creating a blog is simple procedure that can be done by anyone. You can have your soccer sports blog completed within a matter of minutes. It is important that you update your club’s blog at least once a week. This will keep everyone informed of your soccer club’s status and activities.

Advertise On Soccer Websites

Placing ads on top ranking soccer websites is a sound strategy if you are trying to target to attract the attention of thousands. Top ranking soccer websites have the ability of sending thousands of people to your club’s website or blog.

It is crucial that you implement several effective promotional strategies if you want to secure major exposure for your soccer club. Marketing your soccer club can help increase membership within a matter of weeks. Using the strategies listed above can help your club become a big success in the soccer world.


The popularity of soccer can’t be denied in this day and age. Soccer has been called the worlds game by many. The last few world cup games have been such money generators that have brought in massive profits for the host city that some cities now would rather host the world cup because they can successfully execute a profit instead of the Olympic games which now cost the host cities several billion dollars in revenue that isn’t being recouped over the long term because the cost to build facilities are too expensive.

Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Arsenal are listed as number 1, 6, 7 respectfully of all sports franchises in net worth. These three franchises demonstrate the economic potential of soccer and that the global game will continue to be for a long time.

Manchester United is based in England has a total of 19 league titles and 11 FA Cups are owned by the Glazer family who also owns the American Football team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are not only the model of all soccer franchises this team whose nickname is the Red devils is the new gold standard for all sport franchises. Manchester United is worth 1.85 billion dollars surpassing even famous North American sport franchises like the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Yankees who surprisingly are worth a few hundred million less than Manchester United.

Manchester United has landed substantial sponsorship deals with Mega corporations Nike, Aon and Audi that has helped generate millions of dollars for the team. Manchester United also receives the largest share of the television revenue because of their popularity and success which is attributed to them winning games and titles.

Real Madrid based out of Spain currently has a total of 31 La Liga Titles and 9 European Cup Championship trophies. Real Madrid is worth 1.35 billion dollars and has recently remodeled its stadium Santiago Bernabeu. The Franchise decided to cut a considerable portion of their seating by making the number of seats and total attendance less prominent and decided to concentrate on charging a higher ticket price for each seat.

With the success of the franchise winning a multitude of titles and by far being the most popular team in Spain, Real Madrid has no trouble finding fans to pay the higher ticket prices. Real Madrid also has significant sponsorship deals with Adidas and that bring in millions of dollars to this beloved soccer team in Spain.

Arsenal is located in North London, England. Arsenal is part of the Premier League like their counterpart Manchester United and has a net worth of 1.2 Billion dollars. Arsenal is owned by Arsenal Holdings Inc and has a tremendous sponsorship deal with Emirate Airlines whose logo can be seen not only on their stadium but also on the uniforms of the team.

The sponsorship deal was worth 145 million over an 8 year period. Arsenal majority share holder is Stan Kronke who owns and an American Football team just like the Glazer family Kronke’s team being the St. Louis Rams.

The success of these 3 Soccer teams generating millions of dollars has gotten the attention of owners of other successful sports franchises like the NFL showing that Soccer is a dynamic force when it comes to generating revenue, ratings, and sponsorship dollars on the global scale.


Soccer, also known as football or association football, is played in almost every country in the world, making it the most popular and well-known sport in the world. The International Federation of Association Football, also known as FIFA, oversees and governs all professional soccer leagues. There are six regional organizations associated with FIFA, with one each in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and South America.

While soccer is played in almost every country of the world, a few countries have a reputation for being extremely passionate of the sport. In some of these countries, people exhibit the same passion for soccer as they do their religion. These countries include Brazil, Argentina, England, Italy, and Germany.

In Brazil, soccer is seen as a way of life. Every child has a soccer star as a role model and successful soccer players are considered national heroes. To the rest of the world, Brazilian soccer is one of the most entertaining and spectacular types of soccer in the world. Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup five times and have made it to the final round of the World Cup two additional times. Brazil has produced several soccer legends, including one of the most famous soccer players in history, Pele. Leonidas da Silva, whom created the ‘bicycle kick’ move, Garrincha, and Ronaldinho are also well-known Brazilian soccer stars.

Argentina has a long history of soccer success, and like Brazil, has made soccer one of the nation’s beloved pastimes. This nation’s soccer success dates back to the 1930 World Cup. Despite a sharp decline of the team in the 1950’s and 1960’s, the country once again has one of the top soccer teams in the world. Argentina has won two World Cups and has made it to the final round of two additional World Cup championships. Like Brazil, Argentina has produced some of the world’s greatest soccer legends, including Alfredo DiStefano, Cagriel Batistuta, Hernan Crespo, and Daniel Passarela.

England is another nation with a long soccer history. In fact, England was the first nation to have a professional soccer team. In 1863, the Laws of the Game were created in England, and are still used today as part of the international rules of play. While England has only won one World Cup championship, the country has produced several soccer stars which have become heroes around the globe, including David Bechkam and Steven Gerrard.

Like England, Italy played a major role in shaping the game of soccer. While England created the Laws of the Game, players from Italy perfected defensive play. In Italy, it is not uncommon for children to start their soccer training at a very young age, with soccer schools focusing on game tactics. The Italian team has always been one of the most proficient teams in the world in regards to game tactics and as a result, the team won the World Cup championship in 1934, 1938, 1982, and 2006.

Germany has a reputation for being one of the most successful soccer teams in the history of the sport. The German team has won three World Cup championships, reached the finals in an additional four World Cups, and took home the bronze medal in another three World Cups. In fact, Germany has participated in a total of 16 World Cups, winning ten total medals. In the European Championship, they have participated in nine out of the 12 Championships, taking one of the top two positions in five of those games. Reflecting the German team’s success on the defensive side of soccer, two of the nation’s greatest legends are defensive players Franz Beckenbauer and Lothar Matthaus.

With the passion typically only seen for a nation’s religion, the countries of Brazil, Argentina, England, Italy, and German have helped to define the game of soccer for the rest of the world. It is because of these nations that individuals who otherwise would not follow soccer are now fans of the sport, and that children dream of playing soccer long before they even begin kindergarten. While soccer is played all over the world, these five nations have reinvented the game and made it what it is today.


Keeping up with the world of soccer is made much easier with the availability of information on the internet. It’s now possible to find out much more than just scores and general recaps. There are numerous soccer blogs on the web, which can relay anything from score updates to play-by-play descriptions of a match, with photos, clips, personal commentary, and predictions. During the beginning of the year, many of these blogs will be talking about the Rose Bowl Game.  This match will be the Wisconsin Badgers and the Oregon Ducks. Here is a list of some of the most noteworthy soccer blogs that are worth following for recent, accurate, and interesting information:

EPL Talk
With more than 3,200 RSS subscriptions and over 300,000 visitors every day, EPL Talk is one of the most popular soccer blogs online. Regular posts update readers on everything from league matches to soccer book reviews, and there are plenty of other goodies to enjoy, including videos, podcasts, an online shop, and even book discussions and forums so that fans can interact. New subscribers should also visit the “Free Stuff” link to get downloadable gifts like eBooks, magazines, audio interviews, contest entries, and more.

This is another one of the most popular soccer blogs, with over 9,000 followers and growing. It does more than simply provide scores and descriptions- the blog is full of interesting articles that make predictions about upcoming matches, discussions about the politics of the sport, reviews of the players, the coaches, and almost everything else soccer-related imaginable. For serious soccer fans, this is a great resource, and one of the best blogs to follow.

Reuters Soccer Blog
For a great go-to resource to get up-to-date news about the big leagues, clubs, and games, the Reuters Soccer Blog is a good choice. Posts include articles about the sport’s top teams, predictions of upcoming matches, critiques of player flubs and other top soccer-related news stories. Readers who are interested in opinion-based articles rather than just factual recaps will enjoy the journalistic style of many of the posts. The blog also provides a very good list of links to other soccer sites that might be useful or interesting to readers looking for more.

Pitch Invasion
A Chicago-based soccer blog created and expanded by a dedicated fan, Pitch Invasion details the culture that surrounds the love of the sport. Many of its posts and articles cover material that isn’t as commonly found on other blogs, including soccer history, the politics of the game, and photography from over 300 site contributors. This site has been gaining popularity since it first launched, and has even been nominated for several different awards and distinctions.

Soccer By Ives
Fans who want to read about a wide range of soccer news will love to follow this blog, which covers topics in an impressive 100+ categories, including college soccer, women’s soccer, and even youth soccer, as well as all of the top-level professional teams and leagues. The blog also features podcasts, clips, breaking news stories, reader commentary, and even a “You Write the Caption” contest where participants have the chance to win a free Soccer By Ives t-shirt.

This blog has soared to popularity thanks to its very unique angle, and is especially popular with young women. Unlike other soccer blogs, Kickette is written entirely by women fans, and focuses more on soccer-related gossip rather than actual sport updates. Readers can expect to find out information about the lives of the players, who they are dating, and what they are wearing, all with an excellent dose of comedy and entertainment. The site received a 2010 Cosmo Blog Award, and boasts features such as a Style File, Kickette Fantasy Football, and a “Gallery of Gorgeous” image gallery in the works.